Debugging Visual J++ Components

IIS 6.0

To debug your component with Visual J++ 6.0, attach your Java class file to the Inetinfo.exe process. You can attach to the Inetinfo.exe process by selecting Processes from the Debug menu. This presents a list of available processes that are currently running on your computer. If you have previously called an .asp file that creates an instance of your component, you will see the Inetinfo.exe process in the list of processes available for attaching. Select the Inetinfo.exe process to use the debugger functionality within the component.


If the application that you are using for debugging is isolated, the appropriate process to attach to will be an instance of mtx.exe. The process does not appear by default in the list of available processes. For it to appear, you must change the identity for the COM+ application that corresponds to the isolated application to either "interactive user", or a user account with rights to access the server interactively.