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IIS COM API for Programmatic Administration

IIS 6.0

This section describes the programming interfaces that are included with IIS and that allow an application to configure metabase properties and nodes, manage applications, control the IIS services, or build custom logging applications.

For more information about the other administration features of IIS, see Comparison of IIS Administration Features.

This section includes the following topics:

IIS Constants and Header Files

Describes the header files that are required by the programmatic administration interfaces, and any constants defined within them.

IIS Admin Base Object Interfaces

Describes the structures, methods, and errors of the IMSAdminBase interfaces that are used to configure the IIS metabase. The Admin Base Object (ABO) interfaces are defined in the Iadmw.h and Mddefw.h header files. Metabase property identifiers are declared in the iiscnfg.h header file.

IIS ADSI Provider Interfaces

Describes the methods of the IIS Active Directory® Service Interfaces (ADSI) that are used to configure the IIS metabase in C++ and Visual Basic applications. The IIS ADSI interfaces are defined in the Iiisext.h header file, with special purpose classes defined in the IIIS.h header file. GUIDs used by the Iiisext.h header file are defined in the IISext_i.c file.

IIS Web Application Management Interfaces

Describes the structures, methods, and errors of the IWamAdmin and IIISApplicationAdmin interfaces that are used to configure and monitor IIS applications. Web application management interfaces are defined in the Iwamreg.h header file.


Describes the IIisServiceControl interface that is used to control the IIS services or to reboot the IIS server. The IIisServiceControl is defined in the Iisrsta.h header file.

IIS Custom Logging Module Interfaces

Describes the interfaces that are used to create custom logging modules if none of the existing IIS log file formats meet your needs. Creating your own custom logging module should be your last resort. For alternatives, see IIS Logging Overview.

ILogScripting COM Interface

Describes the ILogScripting interface, which is implemented by the IIS logging component, . The IIS logging component can be used from an administration script or ASP page to read and write IIS log files.

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