To test KLinks or ALinks

  1. On the Test menu, click Keyword Lookup.
  2. In the Compiled file box, enter the name of the compiled help (.chm) file that contains the Keyword links (KLinks) or Associative links (ALinks) you want to test.
  3. If you want the topics you are testing to appear in a window type other than the default window, specify the name of the window type in the Window name box.
  4. If you want to include ALink names in the test, select the Use ALink names check box.
  5. Click Add, type any keywords and ALink names, and then click Test.


This procedure is useful when you need to test whether KLink keywords and ALink names have been added correctly to target files and whether the KLink or ALink <OBJECT> tag has been added to the files you want to link from.

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