Using Command Line Switches

Several client-side command line switches are available to help authors that are part of the HTML Help executable program (Hh.exe) and therefore work when HTML Help Workshop is not set up.

From a DOS prompt or from the Run command, you can perform the following tasks.

OptionPurposeAPI equivalentNotes
-800Display the Help viewer in an 800x600 window, without covering the Windows taskbar. For more information, see 800 X 600 window.NoneDisabled in safe mode.
-titleSets the title to use for an 800 X 600 window. For more information, see Specify the title.NoneDisabled in safe mode.
-registerRegisters hh.exe (the calling process) as the shell-open command handler for .chm filesNoneDisabled in safe mode.
-decompileDecompiles a .chm file to a command-line specified location. For more information, see Decompile a .chm file.NoneDisabled in safe mode.
-mapidOpens the requested .chm in the Help viewer, and uses a context ID to request a URL to display. For more information, see map ID. HH_HELP_CONTEXT Disabled in safe mode.
-safeForces Help content to run in safe mode (all shortcuts are disabled). HH_SAFE_DISPLAY_TOPIC


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