Create Training Card Help

You can create training cards, which are specialized help topics, to send instructions to, and receive instructions from, a program. They are particularly useful in guiding users through a procedure step-by-step. Whenever the user completes a step, the next step can automatically appear. If a user incorrectly performs a step, information can appear that specifically addresses their mistakes. Training card topics appear in a secondary window.

Help authors insert the HTML Help ActiveX control into training card topics to send information to programs. You work with a developer using the HTML Help API to make the appropriate API calls.

Training card help is initiated either from a user selection in a help topic or by actions a user takes in a program. These are the actions that take place when a training card is used:

  • The training card help sends messages directly to a software program.
  • The user interacts with HTML Help by answering a question, and then HTML Help sends messages to the program based on the response. The program must process the WM_TCARD message to receive messages from HTML Help. The help author adds the ActiveX control to the help file to initiate these messages.

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