Step 3: Create a Search Scope

SharePoint 2007

After you have added a business data content source for the Business Data Catalog application, and mapped the business data content's crawled properties, content from the Business Data Catalog application is available in Enterprise Search. However, results from business data content sources are excluded by default from the All Content search scope, so you might want to create a search scope specifically for business data results.

In this topic, you create a search scope for the AdventureWorks SQL Server 2000 Sample.

To create a Products search scope

  1. In your browser, navigate to the Configure Search Settings page.

  2. In Scopes, click View scopes.

  3. Click New Scope.

  4. For Title, type Products.

  5. In Target Results Page, select Specify a different page for searching this scope.

  6. In the Target results page:* field, type productresults.aspx.


    In this final step, specify the name of the Search Center page that you want to configure to display search results for products from the AdventureWorks 2000 database sample. Walkthrough: Add a Tab and Custom Search Page with Enterprise Search Web Parts to the Search Center describes the steps to create a custom product search results page for the Search Center.

  7. Click OK to create the scope.

  8. Click Add Rules for the Products scope.

  9. In Scope Rule Type, click Content Source.

  10. In Content Source, click Products.

  11. In Behavior, select Include - Any item that matches this rule will be included, unless the item is excluded by another rule.

  12. Click OK to add the scope rule.

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