Document Converter Deployment in SharePoint Server 2010 (ECM)

Last modified: October 02, 2009

Applies to: SharePoint Server 2010

You install your custom document converter by packaging the executable file as a SharePoint Feature, and deploying it at the Web-application level. The document converter then becomes available on each site and document library in the Web application.

The Feature installs the document converter on each server implementing the DocConvLauncher service in the server farm. The Activate Feature command turns the Feature on for each server that acts as a launcher for the specified Web application.

Installing and activating a document converter adds its information to the configuration database. Each server acting as a launcher for the Web application can then read that information and be aware of the new converter.

Note Note

The DocConvLoadBalancer service and DocConvLauncher services must be enabled and configured for your server farm before you can implement document converters. For more information, see Services Necessary for Document Conversion in SharePoint Server 2010 (ECM).

Your feature must include XML that defines your custom document converter. For more information, see Document Converter Definition Schema in SharePoint Server 2010 (ECM).