Excel Services User-Defined Functions

This section contains information about user-defined functions (UDFs) and how to use UDF attributes in your code.

In This Section

Understanding Excel Services UDFs

Learn about managed-code UDFs, including required attributes, deployment, and security.

Walkthrough: Developing a Managed-Code UDF

Get step-by-step instructions on developing Excel Services UDFs using Microsoft Visual C#.

Frequently Asked Questions About Excel Services UDFs

Find answers to the most common questions about Excel Services UDFs.

How to: Enable UDFs

Learn how to enable UDFs and allow them to be called from an Excel workbook.

How to: Create a UDF that Calls a Web Service

Learn how to call an external Web service from a UDF.

How to: Access an External Data Source From a UDF

Get an example showing how to access an external database from a UDF.

How to: Deploy UDFs Using Windows SharePoint Services Solutions

Learn how to deploy a UDF by using the Windows SharePoint Services solution framework.

How to: Restrict UDF Code Access Security Permissions

Learn how to create a custom code group and restrict permission for a UDF assembly by using the .NET Framework 2.0 Configuration tool.



Excel Services UDF attributes.

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