SPFileCollection.Add method (String, Stream, Hashtable)

Creates a file in the collection using the specified URL, a stream that contains the contents of a file, and a hash table that contains metadata for the file.

Namespace:  Microsoft.SharePoint
Assembly:  Microsoft.SharePoint (in Microsoft.SharePoint.dll)

Public Function Add ( _
	urlOfFile As String, _
	file As Stream, _
	properties As Hashtable _
) As SPFile
Dim instance As SPFileCollection
Dim urlOfFile As String
Dim file As Stream
Dim properties As Hashtable
Dim returnValue As SPFile

returnValue = instance.Add(urlOfFile, _
	file, properties)


Type: System.String

The site-relative URL of the file.

Type: System.IO.Stream

A stream that contains the file.

Type: System.Collections.Hashtable

A hash table that contains metadata for the file.

Return value

Type: Microsoft.SharePoint.SPFile
The newly added file.