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ThreadStamp Element (View)

Windows SharePoint Services 3

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Renders, in discussion boards, the current server's local time in a specific format (YYYYMMDDHHMMSS) for sorting purposes.

  StripWS = "TRUE" | "FALSE">




Optional Boolean. TRUE to remove white space from the beginning and end of the value returned by the element.

Minimum: 0

Maximum: Unbounded

Each discussion board has a special threading field that consists of a concatenation of timestamps. The threading value of a discussion item is the threading value of its parent followed by the ThreadStamp value corresponding to the current local time.

The following example uses CAML to render a hidden <INPUT> element in an HTML form. The value of this element is the first 504 characters of the concatenation of the Threading variable (if present; if not, the value is an empty string), followed by the value rendered by the ThreadStamp element, which represents the current time.

<RenderPattern Name="NewPattern" DisplayName="NewPattern">
  <Property Select="Name"/>
  <Limit Len="504" StripWS="TRUE">
    <GetVar Name="Threading" StripWS="TRUE"/>
    <ThreadStamp StripWS="TRUE"/>