WebQueryInfo Element (View)

Last modified: March 09, 2015

Applies to: SharePoint Foundation 2010

Used inside a <TABLE> tag surrounding a view to add attributes that assist the agents that are processing Web queries in extracting data from views.






Minimum: 0

Maximum: 1

The WebQueryInfo element renders an ID on the <TABLE> tag, a Summary attribute set to the name of the list, and a WebQuerySourceHref attribute in the o: namespace that links to the XMLDATA representation of the view. Consequently, agents that understand these attributes can import a structured data view of lists rather than being required to perform a "screenscrape" for the data.

In the following example, the WebQueryInfo element is used in a ViewHeader element to provide an ID for a table that contains a view.

    <![CDATA[ <TABLE ID="  ]]>
  <ows:WebQueryInfo />
    <![CDATA[ " width="100%" border=0 rules=rows>
        <TR VALIGN=TOP><FORM>  ]]>
      <![CDATA[ <TH class="ms-vh">  ]]>
    <Field /> 
      <![CDATA[ </TH>  ]]>
    <![CDATA[ </FORM></TR>  ]]>