This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Microsoft.SharePoint.Navigation Namespace

Windows SharePoint Services 3

Provides types and members for customizing the navigation structures and site maps of SharePoint sites.

Public classSPContentMapProviderProvides methods and properties for implementing a site map provider for contents of a Windows SharePoint Services site. This class provides the System.Web.SiteMapNode objects that constitute the content breadcrumb, where "content" referes to the lists, folders, items, and list forms composing the breadcrumb.
Public classSPHierarchyDataViewRepresents a data view on a node or collection of nodes in a hierarchical data structure for a HierarchicalDataSourceControl object. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classSPNavigationServes as a wrapper class for navigation-related operations at the site collection level. The SPNavigation object is available as a property value (SPWeb.Navigation) on the SPWeb object.
Public classSPNavigationNodeThis object represents the URL to a specific navigation node in an arbitrary hierarchy and provides methods for manipulating the position of the node and properties for setting node characteristics.
Public classSPNavigationNodeCollectionA collection of SPNavigationNode objects. This class inherits from SPBaseCollection.
Public classSPNavigationProviderProvides a base class for Windows SharePoint Services site-map providers that is specialized for SharePoint site navigation.
Public classSPSiteMapProviderProvides the SiteMapNode objects that constitute the global content breadcrumb, which represents objects in the site hierarchy above the current site.
Public classSPXmlContentMapProviderProvides methods and properties for implementing an XML-based site map provider for a Windows SharePoint Server site.