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url_renames Parameter

Windows SharePoint Services 3

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Data Type: String

Used with the put manifest Method method to specify a list of files to be renamed. This parameter contains a list of key-and-value pairs in which the key for each pair is the site-relative URL of the old name and the value is the new file or folder name. The url_renames parameter is only valid when the options parameter is set to second pass.

The values to use with this parameter are passed to the client in the renamed urls section of the put manifest response code at the end of the first pass. The client must send that data back to the server in this parameter for the second pass.

For example, assume that the server sends back to the client the following as part of the response code for the first pass.

<p>renamed urls=

The client then sends back to the server the following data in the url_renames parameter during the second pass.

method=put manifest:
&options=second pass