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Control Element (Delegate Control)

Windows SharePoint Services 3

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Identifies the control to implement in a delegate control.

  ControlAssembly = "Text"
  ControlClass = "Text"
  ControlSrc = "Text"
  Id = "Text"
  Sequence = "Integer">




Optional Text. Specifies the strong name of the assembly for the control.


Optional Text. Specifies the fully qualified name of the class for the control.


Optional Text. Specifies the relative URL of the .ascx file that serves as the source for the control, for example, "~/_controltemplates/mySearch.ascx".


Optional Text. Specifies the ID of the control, for example, "SmallSearchInputBox".


Optional Integer. Specifies the sequence number for the control, which determines whether the control is added to the control tree for a page. The control with the lowest sequence number is added to the tree.

For an example of how this element is used, see Delegate Controls.