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BaseType Element (Site)

Windows SharePoint Services 3

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Defines the default schema (for example, the fields) that all lists derived from the base type must contain. Every list in a SharePoint Web site inherits its schema from a base type.

  Image = "Text"
  Title = "Text"
  Type = "Text">




Optional Text. Sets the image used by a list base type in the Lists page (_layouts/viewlsts.htm). However, all SharePoint list definitions (such as for Announcements, Events, etc.) provide their own images so that, in practice, this attribute is never used.


Required Text. The name of the base type.


Required Text. Unique ID for the base type. The following values are possible for built-in base types:

0 — Custom List

1 — Document Library

2 — Not used

3 — Obsolete. Use 0 for discussion boards.

4 — Surveys

5 — Issues List

Minimum: 0

Maximum: Unbounded

The fields defined in a base type may not be deleted from a derived list without breaking the list (for example, a document library will not function without the file name column), although fields may be added to the list.