Frontpage Components (Bots)

Last modified: March 23, 2010

Applies to: SharePoint Foundation 2010

FrontPage components are added to web pages at design time. These objects are embedded in the resulting markup of the page. When an action is taken on the page as it is hosted on the server, such as an author saving or a site visitor browses that page, the components in the markup are evaluated and executed. These components are programmatically called bots. See the FrontPage Help for more information on individual components. The standard components are:

  • Annotation (purple text)

  • Categories

  • CGI Validation

  • Confirmation Field

  • Discussion

  • Evaluate First

  • Form Insert Here

  • Generated Script

  • Hit Counter

  • HTML Markup

  • Image Map

  • Include

  • Registration

  • Reply

  • Save Results

  • Scheduled Image

  • Scheduled Include

  • Search

  • Substitution

  • Table of Contents

  • Timestamp

  • Validation

Hit Counter

The Hit Counter component is a browse-time bot. It provides all the server support necessary to add a hit counter to a page. It maintains a file in which it stores the number of times a page is accessed. When the page is accessed, the count increases by one and the counter display on the page is updated to reflect the new hit count.

The Hit Counter also includes a client subcomponent, which allows an author to specify how the hit counter is displayed (the font and type of graphical display to use).