I_IrmCrypt.HrDecrypt Method
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I_IrmCrypt.HrDecrypt Method

Last modified: October 05, 2009

Applies to: SharePoint Foundation 2010

Accepts encrypted data and decrypts that data in place.

HRESULT HrDecrypt( 
    ULONG  ulOffset, 
    BYTE  *pbData, 
    DWORD  cbData, 
    DWORD *pcbData


[in] Where in the block to start the decryption. Generally set to zero unless stream functions are decrypting portions of a block.


[in/out] The data to be decrypted.


[in] The amount, in bytes, of data to decrypt.


[out] The amount of data that the function was actually able to decrypt. Under normal conditions, this is a DWORD whose value is equal to cbData.

In general, this method is not called directly by the Information Rights Management (IRM) protector. Instead, this method is used by a stream operator, also written by the protector’s developer, which facilitates a higher level view of encrypting data.

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