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Error Message Format for Windows SharePoint Services

Windows SharePoint Services 3

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Methods for Windows SharePoint Services return error messages by using the following syntax.

  <Result ID="0,method-name" Code="HRESULT code">
    <ErrorText>Description of failure</ErrorText>

The ID attribute displays the name of the method that generated the error, preceded by its sequence number. The Code attribute contains the text representation of a 32-bit signed decimal integer, to be interpreted as an HRESULT, as shown in the following example.

  <Result ID="0,REORDERFIELDS" Code="-2147467259">
    <ErrorText>Fields have been added or removed since you began this 
        editing session. Please refresh your view and try again.

In the preceding example, the error number -2147467259 (0x80004005 in hexadecimal) identifies the error E_FAIL.


The language of the error text is based upon the language setting for the server, not for the client.