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IfEqual Element (View)

Windows SharePoint Services 3

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Allows for conditional rendering based on the comparison of two Collaborative Application Markup Language (CAML) expressions.






The following example uses the IfEqual element to define the display pattern for the Checked Out To column. If the user ID equals null, nothing is displayed. If the user ID does not equal null, a link is provided to a display form with information about the user.

         <Field Name="CheckedOutUserId" />
      <Expr2 />
      <Then />
         <HTML><![CDATA[ <a href="]]></HTML>
            <![CDATA[ /_layouts/[%=System.Threading.Thread.
         <Field Name="CheckedOutUserId" />
         <HTML><![CDATA[ ">]]></HTML>
         <Field HTMLEncode="TRUE" Name="CheckedOutTitle" />
         <HTML><![CDATA[ </a>]]></HTML>