ViewFields Element
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ViewFields Element (View)

Windows SharePoint Services 3

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Provides an enumeration of the fields in a view through a listing of the FieldRef elements.






Minimum: 0

Maximum: 1

For a FieldRef element to be used within a ViewBody element, it must also be included in the ViewFields element to ensure that the field is available in the database result set.

The SQL SELECT clause is generated from the collection of FieldRef listings.

The following example enumerates the collection of fields used in a view.

  <FieldRef Name="LinkTitle"></FieldRef>
  <FieldRef Name="AssignedTo"></FieldRef>
  <FieldRef Name="Status"></FieldRef>
  <FieldRef Name="Priority"></FieldRef>
  <FieldRef Name="DueDate"></FieldRef>
  <FieldRef Name="PercentComplete"></FieldRef>
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