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PagedClientCallbackRowset Element (View)

Windows SharePoint Services 3

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Defines user interface elements to display for accessing subsequent pages when the number of rows returned in a view surpasses the limit set by the RowLimit element.






Minimum: 0

Maximum: 1

The following example uses the PagedClientCallbackRowset element to define a link for viewing more list data on the subsequent page.

  <HTML><![CDATA[<TR><TD></TD><TD align=left Class="ms-vb">]]></HTML>
      <GetVar Name="NextPageData" />
    <Case Value="" />
      <HTML><![CDATA[&nbsp;<A HREF="]]></HTML>
      <PageUrl HTMLEncode="TRUE" />
      <GetVar Name="NextPageData" HTMLEncode="TRUE" />
      <HTML><![CDATA[" OnClick='javascript:SubmitFormPost("]]></HTML>
      <ScriptQuote NotAddingQuote="TRUE">
        <PageUrl />
        <GetVar Name="NextPageData" />
      <HTML><![CDATA[");javascript:return false;'>]]></HTML>