dialogview Method

Last modified: March 09, 2015

Applies to: SharePoint Foundation 2010

Opens a view of the document libraries within a site, of a specific document library, or of a folder within a document library that is used in a dialog box for opening or saving files; or opens the property form that is used when saving a file.





FileOpen — The Open dialog box. The location parameter must specify the folder location.

FileSave — The Save dialog box. The location parameter must specify the folder location.

SaveForm — The Property form. To view the property form used when saving a file, the location parameter must specify the file in the document library. This view is rendered only if custom properties are added to the library, which by default are not included for document libraries in Microsoft SharePoint Foundation.


Specifies the site-relative URL of a document library or of a folder or file within a document library. If SaveForm is specified for dialogview, the URL for the location parameter must point to the file being saved. If the location parameter is passed without specifying a value, this method displays a view of all the document libraries in the site.


Specifies the file name extension by which to filter the view in the file dialog box. For example, *.doc, *.txt, or *.htm.


The dialogview method is used in URL protocol.