This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

How to: Add Comments in the Web Performance Test Editor

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Comments are helpful for creating effective Web Performance tests. Comments should be used to make notes about what logical action is occurring at each point in the Web Performance test, especially in Web Performance tests that have many requests. When you modify a Web Performance test in the Web Performance Test Editor, comments can help identify the purpose of each request. Additionally, comments are valuable for making notes about validation and extraction rules that should be added to specific requests.

Comments will appear in the Web Performance Test Editor as nodes in the request tree. After they are created, comments can be moved to a different location in the request tree by dragging them with the mouse. You can also right-click a comment and use the shortcut menu to cut, copy, paste, and delete comments.

Comments can also be added to the Web performance test when you create it in the Web Performance Test Recorder. For more information, see How to: Add a Comment to a Web Performance Test in the Web Performance Test Recorder.

To add comments while editing a Web Performance test

  1. Open a Web Performance test.

    The Web Performance Test Editor is displayed.

  2. In the request tree, find a request to which you want to add a comment. Right-click the request and then click Insert Comment.

    The Comment dialog box will appear.

  3. Type a comment and then click OK.

    The comment is added to the Web Performance Test Editor as a node in the request tree.