This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Hosting Structures

This section describes the unmanaged structures that the hosting API uses.

AssemblyBindInfo Structure

Provides detailed information about the referenced assembly.

BucketParameters Structure

Stores the type name of an event and the parameters for the current exception that is associated with the event.

COR_GC_STATS Structure

Provides statistics about the garbage collection mechanism of the common language runtime (CLR).


Contains per-thread statistics pertaining to garbage collection.

CustomDumpItem Structure

Describes an item to be added to a custom dump in error reporting.

MDAInfo Structure

Provides details about the Event_MDAFired event, which triggers the creation of a managed debugging assistant (MDA).

ModuleBindInfo Structure

Provides detailed information about the referenced module and the assembly that contains it.

StackOverflowInfo Structure

Stores the type of overflow that occurred and information on the exception that was thrown due to the overflow.