This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Global Web.Config File Settings in Team Foundation Server Components

This topic describes the configurable settings in the Team Foundation Server global web.config file. For a general procedure that describes how to access and change these settings, see How to: Change Configuration Settings for Team Foundation Server Components.

Global Web.Config Settings

Setting Description


This setting is a numeric value that represents the time-out length in seconds for all SQL commands.


This setting is a string that is used to specify Web Service Method logging behavior. Valid values are as follows:

None   Web methods are never logged.

OnError   Web methods that experience errors are logged.

ReadWrite   Web methods that change databases are logged.

Normal   As ReadWrite, plus Web methods that do not change databases are logged.

LightWeight   As ReadWrite, plus Web methods that have minimal database access are logged.

All   All Web methods are logged, plus Web Service Method request details are always included when available.

The default value is None.


This setting is the URL for the application-tier server and is used by all Team Foundation Server Web services to locate the other Web services that are running on the computer by using the Services\registration.asmx Web service.

Caution noteCaution

This setting should not be changed.

TFS Name

This setting is a string that represents the name of the application-tier computer.

This setting should not be changed.


This setting represents the Internet URL used to construct the full URL for artifact retrieval, such as work items and appears in project alert e-mail notifications.


This setting is a Boolean value that determines whether tracing is on or off. Set this value to true to capture tracing to a file. The trace switches in the system.diagnostics section of the web.config file govern the types and amount of information collected. For more information, see Enabling Trace for Team Foundation Server Components.


Enabling tracing creates additional run-time demands and will increase processor and I/O usage on the application tier.


This setting is a string value that represents the folder location for the trace files.

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