/gun Command
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/gun Command

Use /gun to rename a group.

Required Permissions

To use the /gun command, you must be a member of the Team Foundation Administrators security group. For more information, see Team Foundation Server Permissions.

TFSSecurity /gun groupIdentity groupName /server:servername


Argument Description


Specifies the group identity. For more information on valid identity specifiers, see TFSSecurity Identity and Output Specifiers.


Specifies the new name of the group.

/server :servername

Required. Specifies the name of the application tier server.

Run this command on the local application tier computer.

The following example renames the group "Coho Winery Education" to "Coho Winery Product Support."

>tfssecurity /gun "Coho Winery Education" "Coho Winery Product Support" /server:MyATServer
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