/gun Command

/gun Command

Use /gun to rename a server-level or collection-level group.

Required Permissions

To use the /gun command, you must have the View collection-level information and Edit collection-level information or the View instance-level information and Edit instance-level information permissions set to Allow, depending on whether you are using the /collection or /server parameter, respectively. For more information, see Team Foundation Server Permissions.

TFSSecurity /gun GroupIdentity GroupName [/collection:CollectionURL] [/server:ServerURL]




Specifies the group identity. For more information about valid identity specifiers, see TFSSecurity Identity and Output Specifiers.


Specifies the new name of the group.


Required if /server is not used. Specifies the URL of a team project collection in the following format: http://ServerName:Port/VirtualDirectoryName/CollectionName


Required if /collection is not used. Specifies the URL of an application-tier server in the following format: http://ServerName:Port/VirtualDirectoryName

Run this command on an application-tier server for Team Foundation.

The following example renames the collection-level group "A. Datum Corporation Testers" to "A. Datum Corporation Test Engineers."

>tfssecurity /gun "A. Datum Corporation Testers" "A. Datum Corporation Test Engineers" /collection:CollectionURL

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