This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Team Foundation Server Product Overview

This section discusses the features for Team Foundation Server that include server features, server clients, and topologies for Team Foundation Server deployment. You can find information about Team Foundation Server hardware and software prerequisites. Also, you can find information about customizing Team Foundation Server for security and for business needs.

Team Foundation Versions and Editions

Describes Team Foundation versions and editions and describes compatibility issues between versions and editions.

Team Foundation Server Components

Describes the logical Team Foundation tiers and provides links to requirements.

Team Foundation Server Clients

Describes Team Foundation clients that integrate with Team Foundation Server.

Team Foundation Server Topologies

Describes supported and unsupported topologies for Team Foundation Server deployments and provides example topologies for simple, moderate, and complex deployments.

Customizing Team Foundation Server for Your Business

Describes choosing and customizing process templates for projects, provides an overview of process, and discusses how the choice of process template affects Team Foundation Server operation.

Requirements for Team Foundation Components

Describes the requirements for Team Foundation servers and Team Foundation Server clients that include hardware, software, and network requirements. It also describes requirements for working with other development environments.