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This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Unsupported Topologies for Team Foundation Server

Team Foundation Server delivers source control, work item tracking, build, team project portal, reporting, and project management capabilities. Although Team Foundation Server is highly configurable and you can deploy it in various server topologies, some topologies do not work for Team Foundation Server. This topic describes the unsupported topologies for Team Foundation Server.

Team Foundation Server architecture depends on communication between the logical tiers of the architecture. Team Foundation Server topology will not work if any of the following statements are true:

  • The Team Foundation client tier cannot communicate with the Team Foundation application tier.

  • The build computer cannot communicate with the Team Foundation application tier.

  • The Team Foundation application tier cannot communicate with the Team Foundation data tier.

You need to consider many factors when you determine whether a specific Team Foundation Server deployment topology will be functional. For example, the service accounts used by Team Foundation Server must belong to a domain or workgroup that is trusted by all computers in the Team Foundation Server deployment. For more information, see Team Foundation Server Security Architecture and Managing Team Foundation Server Services and Service Accounts

The following topologies are not recommended and are not supported. For information about supported topologies, see Supported Topologies for Team Foundation Server.

  • Installation of Team Foundation Server in a domain that supports the authentication modes and functional levels of Windows NT Server 4.0, such as Windows 2000 mixed-mode.

  • NLDB clustering for the application tier.

  • Splitting Team Foundation application-tier Web services across separate computers. All Team Foundation application-tier Web services must be deployed to the same server.

  • Multiple Team Foundation Server instances on a single physical computer.

  • While installing Team Foundation Server databases in a server cluster is supported, storing Team Foundation Server databases on separate database computers is not supported. All projects must reside on one Team Foundation server group. You cannot deploy them across groups.

  • Deployment of Team Foundation Server on Windows Server 2003, Web Edition.