This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Services Web.Config File Settings in Team Foundation Server Components

This topic describes the configurable settings in the Services web.config file. For a general procedure that describes how to access and change these settings, see How to: Change Configuration Settings for Team Foundation Server Components.

Services Web.Config Settings

Setting Description


This setting is a string that represents the Connection string used by the application tier to connect to the data tier.


This setting is a Boolean value that enables or disables the Team Foundation Server eventing system (alerts).


This setting is a string that represents the "from address" in e-mail notifications from Team Foundation Server for check-ins, work items assigned to you, etc. This address is also checked for validity, and depending on your server configuration, may need to represent a valid e-mail account on the mail server.

If it does not exist or is not valid then the address used is


This setting is a string that represents the name of the mail server.

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