Troubleshooting Team Foundation Build Process Issues

Sometimes the Team Foundation Build process fails for reasons that are not immediately obvious. This section contains information about the diagnostic tools that helps you troubleshoot build process issues.

  • To examine all the errors and warnings, view the errorsandwarnings.txt file in the build drop folder.

  • To examine configuration/platform errors and warnings, view Platformflavor.txt.

  • For all other issues, examine the buildlog.txt file.

  • To receive a detailed log file, add /flp:verbosity=diag to the MSBuild command-line arguments text box on the Queue Build dialog box to record the log file in diagnostic mode.

  • To determine whether your build error is caused by an MSBuild error or is isolated to Team Foundation Build, try doing a desktop build or a command-line build of the .proj file by using MSBuild.

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