A Simple Team Foundation Server Topology
This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

A Simple Team Foundation Server Topology

You can choose to configure Team Foundation Server in a number of topology configurations. Generally speaking, the simpler the topology, the easier a Team Foundation Server deployment will be to maintain. Deploy the simplest topology that meets your business needs. This topic describes a fairly simple Team Foundation Server topology, with the server and clients that are all contained within a single domain.

A simple server topology will use the fewest number of physical servers to host the Team Foundation logical tiers. The following diagram shows a simple Team Foundation Server topology:

Simple Server Topology

In this example, all server components except Team Foundation Server Proxy are deployed on a single server. You can access them from client computers in the same domain. In this configuration, you do not need to install Team Foundation Server Proxy. This example is designed for a small product development team with under 100 users. For more information about choosing a deployment topology that best suits your business needs, see Team Foundation Server Planning Roadmap.

In this configuration, you can install the Team Foundation Build computer and the team's test rig components on either the Team Foundation Server single server or on one or more clients. This configuration is best suited to small development shops or pilot projects.

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