This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Team Foundation Server Planning

Team Foundation Server is the primary server product for Visual Studio Team System, a software life cycle product family targeting software development teams building service oriented applications on the.NET Framework. You can use Team Foundation Server to integrate Visual Studio Team System client applications by providing administrative tools, unified project information and reporting, and integrated source control.

This guide provides information that is required for administrators and business decision makers to plan for Team Foundation Server. This includes information about hardware requirements, software requirements, deployment topologies, process guidance, and integration with other software. This guide does not specifically address the operational details of the product, but instead provides a planning framework so that you can determine what you will need to integrate Team Foundation Server into your business framework.

In This Section

Planning for Team Foundation Server

Describes the planning needed for first deployments of Team Foundation Server.

Team Foundation Server Product Overview

Describes the Team Foundation Server product that include hardware and software requirements and its interaction with other products.

Client and Server Planning

Describes planning for the server and client components of Team Foundation.

Capacity Planning for Team Foundation Deployment

Describes planning for current needs, performance, and growth.

Planning Server Maintenance

Describes planning for disaster recovery and system maintenance.

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