Team Explorer Requirements

As in the case of Team Foundation Server, Team Foundation clients have specific hardware and software requirements. When planning a Visual Studio Team System deployment, you must plan for the hardware and software requirements specific to your business needs. Hardware requirements might vary depending on how you plan to deploy and use Visual Studio Team System.  Considerations include the following:

  • What role-based editions you plan to use

  • How many different projects users will work on

  • How many different roles users must perform during your projects

Visual Studio Team System has five primary client applications: Visual Studio Team System Architecture Edition; Visual Studio Team System Development Edition; Visual Studio Team System Test Edition; Visual Studio Team System Database Edition; and the Visual Studio Team Suite, which includes the Team Explorer client and has features of all role-based editions. In most cases, you will install and use Team Explorer in order to access the team projects on which you are working. This topic provides hardware recommendations for Visual Studio Team System role-based clients and Team Explorer.

The hardware requirements listed in the table below are the minimum required for Visual Studio Team System role-based clients and Team Explorer. The table also provides general hardware recommendations for a basic system. Depending on your business needs and performance requirements, you might want to exceed the minimum hardware requirements for your client installations.




Hard disk

Minimum requirements

2.0 GHz

512 MB

8 GB

Recommended minimum requirements

2.6 GHz

1 GB

20 GB

Administrators who want to install Test Edition and include a test rig will have additional hardware requirements. For more information about Test Edition, see Test Rig Requirements for Team System.

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