Exceptions Samples
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Exceptions Samples

Visual Studio .NET 2003

The following topics are the abstracts for the Exceptions samples that use Managed Extensions for C++. For a list of all Managed Extensions for C++ samples, see Managed Extensions for C++ Samples.

Sample Description
BoxedValue Demonstrates how to throw and catch an instance of a value class.
DivideBy0 Catches an exception of type DivideByZero.
InteropEHinC Throws an exception from a managed component to an unmanaged C component.
InteropEHinCPP Throws an exception from a managed component to an unmanaged C++ component.
Mixed Throws managed and unmanaged exceptions in the same process.
NDPExceptions Demonstrates throwing and catching unmanaged and managed exceptions in various situations
Properties Implements standard and indexed properties for a managed class.
Rethrow Rethrows a common language runtime exception and catches it as a C++ exception.
SEHCleanup Demonstrates cleanup code using common language runtime exceptions and the __finally keyword.
SimpleEH Throws a simple exception and performs cleanup operations with the __finally keyword.
Unspecified Throws and catches an unmanaged exception.
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