This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Managed Extensions for C++ Tutorials

Visual Studio .NET 2003

These tutorials are more advanced topics discussing how to use Managed Extensions for C++ and the .NET Framework to perform more advanced interoperability and remoting tasks.

In This Section

Data Marshaling Tutorial
Discusses passing data between the common language runtime and native code.
COM Interoperability Tutorial
Describes techniques for using existing COM objects through managed code.
.NET Remoting Tutorial
Discusses remoting issues such as sockets, transports, formatters, DCOM vs. .NET, custom marshaling, and client vs. server data management.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Provides specific answers to various questions about using Managed Extensions.
Managed Extensions for C++ Programming
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Overview of the .NET Framework
Introduces the .NET Framework architecture and its components.
Provides links to reference material on keywords, pragmas, compiler and linker options, attributes, and preprocessor directives.
Provides links to samples that show how to use Managed Extensions to write .NET Framework applications.
Getting Started
Provides links to topics discussing how to get started using Managed Extensions in your applications.