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executeUpdate Method (java.lang.String, int[])

executeUpdate Method (java.lang.String, int[])

Runs the given SQL statement and signals Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server that the auto-generated keys that are indicated in the given array should be made available for retrieval.

public final int executeUpdate(java.lang.String sql,
                               int[] columnIndexes)


A String that contains an SQL statement.


An array of ints that indicate the column indexes of the auto-generated keys that should be made available.

An int that indicates the number of rows affected, or 0 if using a DDL statement.

This executeUpdate method is specified by the executeUpdate method in the java.sql.Statement interface.

If executing a stored procedure results in an update count that is greater than one, or that generates more than one result set, use the execute method to execute the stored procedure.

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