LayoutEditorPart Web Server Control Overview

The LayoutEditorPart control enables users to edit several layout-oriented user interface (UI) properties of an associated WebPart control.

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The following table lists user-customizable features and corresponding WebPart control property values that are editable by using the AppearanceEditorPart control.

User Customizable Feature

WebPart Control Property

Toggle between minimized and normal state for a WebPart control.


Set the WebPartZoneBase zone that currently contains a WebPart control.


Set the index position of a WebPart control within its zone.


To edit other properties and the behavior of WebPart controls, you can use the other EditorPart controls that are supplied with the Web Parts control set. This includes the BehaviorEditorPart, the LayoutEditorPart, and the PropertyGridEditorPart controls. The built-in EditorPart controls provide the most commonly used features for editing WebPart controls. You can also create a custom editor control by inheriting from the EditorPart class. For a code example, see System.Web.UI.WebControls.WebParts.EditorPart.

Enabling a LayoutEditorPart Control

The LayoutEditorPart control is displayed only when a Web Parts page is in edit mode and when the user has selected an associated WebPart control for editing. For more information, see Walkthrough: Changing Display Modes on a Web Parts Page.

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Provides the class definition of the LayoutEditorPart Web server control.

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