This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Register Mirrored Database

New: 14 April 2006

Use this dialog box to register one or more mirrored databases on a given server instance by adding the database or databases to the Database Mirroring Monitor. When a database is added, Database Mirroring Monitor locally caches information about the database, its partners, and how to connect to the partners.

If you are a member of the sysadmin fixed server role on the principal server instance but not on the mirror server instance, you can only see status on the principal server instance.

To use SQL Server Management Studio to monitor database mirroring

Server instance

Select a server instance from the list, which contains server instances to which Database Mirroring Monitor already has a connection stored, or click Connect. To specify new credentials for a listed server instance, click Connect and connect using the new credentials.

To register databases on multiple server instances, after you finish checking the desired databases for one server instance, click Apply, and then select another server instance.


To specify new credentials for the server instance, click Connect and connect using the new credentials. While connecting to a server instance, Database Mirroring Monitor displays Waiting for data.

Mirrored databases

The Mirrored databases grid lists the mirrored databases on the server instance.

The grid contains the following columns:

Column name Description


Check each of the databases that you want to register. If a database is currently monitored, its check box is checked and is disabled.

To unregister a database, close the Registered Mirrored Database dialog box, select the database in the navigation tree, and select Unregister from the Action menu.


The name of a mirrored database on the selected server instance.

Current Role

The current mirroring role of the database, either Principal or Mirror, on the selected server instance.

Partner (Connect as)

The name of the failover partner for the database. Either Windows authentication of console user or SQL Server Authentication of login '<login name>' is displayed within the parentheses. This is the authentication information currently used, if the instance has been added before, or that will be used, if this instance has not been added to the monitor.

Show the Manage Server Connections dialog box when I click OK.

By default, Database Mirroring Monitor uses Windows Authentication credentials for partner server instances for which credentials have not been previously given. Enable this option to change the credentials for one or more server instances when you finish registering databases.

If this option is enabled, when you click OK, the Manage Server Connections dialog box opens. There, you can choose a server instance for which you want to specify credentials for the monitor to use when connecting to a given failover partner.

To edit the credentials for a partner, locate its entry in the Server instances grid, and click Edit on that row. This opens the Connect to Server dialog box for that server instance name, with the credential controls initialized to the current cached value. Change the credentials as necessary and click Connect. If the credentials have sufficient privileges, the Connect Using column is updated with the new credentials.


Click this button to register the selected databases (and save credentials for the partner server instances) while keeping the dialog box open.