Creating a New Dimension Using the Dimension Wizard

Use the Dimension Wizard in Business Intelligence Development Studio to create a dimension in Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services. The Dimension Wizard guides you through the steps to specify the structure of a dimension. 


You can also use the Cube Wizard to quickly create all the dimensions in a cube at the same time that you create the cube. For more information about how to use the Cube Wizard, see Enhancing Dimensions using the Business Intelligence Wizard.

Creating a Dimension by Using an Existing Table

Describes how to create a dimension by using an existing table.

Creating a Time Dimension by Generating a Time Table

Describes how to create a time dimension when a time table does not exist in the data source.

Creating a Dimension by Generating a Non-Time Table in the Data Source

Describes how to create a dimension without using an existing data source.

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