Reporting Services: New and Updated Topics (14 April 2006)

New: 14 April 2006

In the 14 April 2006 release of SQL Server Books Online, the following topics have either been added to Books Online or have had significant changes.

Accounts in a Reporting Services Deployment

Ad Hoc Reporting with Report Models

Administering a Report Server Database

Attribute Object (Model Designer)

Backup and Restore Operations for a Reporting Services Installation

Changing Service Accounts and Passwords

Configuring a Report Server for Internet Access

Configuring Available Memory for Reporting Services

Configuring Report Server Virtual Directories

Configuring Reporting Services to Use SSIS Package Data

Connecting to a Data Source

Creating a Report Server Database

Creating Expressions in Reporting Services

Data Sources Supported by Reporting Services

DefaultDetailAttributes Collection (Model Designer)

DefaultSecurityFilter Object (Model Designer)

Defining Datasets for a SQL Server Relational Database

Defining Datasets for Other Data Sources

Defining Datasets for XML Data

Defining Report Datasets in Reporting Services

Designing for HTML Output

Designing for Microsoft Excel Output

Entity Object (Model Designer)

Exporting Reports

Expression Examples in Reporting Services

Grouping Data in a Report

How to: Add a Calculated Member for an Analysis Services MDX Query (Report Designer)

How to: Add a Data-Bound Image (Image Wizard)

How to: Configure a Browser for Client-Side Printing (Report Manager)

How to: Configure Reporting Services to Use a Non-Default Web Site (Reporting Services Configuration)

How to: Create a Dataset (Report Designer)

International Considerations for Reporting Services

Moving a Report Server Database to Another Computer

Planning a Reporting Services Deployment

Publisher Role

Publishing a Report Model

Publishing Reports to a Production Environment

Query Design Tools in Reporting Services

Query Syntax for Specifying XML Report Data

Report and Snapshot Size Limits

Report Builder

Report Designer

Report Server System Properties

Reporting Services Configuration Tool

RSReportDesigner Configuration File

RSReportServer Configuration File

Securable Items

Securing Reports and Resources

SecurityFilters Collection

Sorting Data in a Report

Specifying Rendering Extension Parameters in Configuration Files

Starting Report Builder

Troubleshooting Report Processing Problems

Upgrading a Report Server Web Farm

Using Custom Code References in Expressions (Reporting Services)

Using Extended Field Properties for an Analysis Services Database

Using Global Collections in Expressions (Reporting Services)

Using Parameters in a Report

Working with Data in Reporting Services

Working With Fields in a Dataset

Working with Models

Working with Perspectives in Model Designer

Working with Roles, Source Fields, and Expressions

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