Service Broker Configuration Notice Service

You can create a Broker Configuration Notice (BCN) service on an initiating server which will automatically bind conversations to a specific user on a target server.

When a BCN service is created, the initiating service will send a MissingRemoteServiceBinding message to the BCN service to ask if a user context is available for the conversation on the target server. When the BCN service responds that a user context is available, the user context is bound to the conversation, and all messages are added to the queue under the context of the user. If ENCRYPTION=ON, the dialog will not proceed until the BCN service confirms that a user context is available. If ENCRYPTION=OFF, the dialog will proceed after the BCN ends the MissingRemoteServiceBinding conversation.


If a BCN service is created, the initiating service will request the user context regardless of the encryption status.

The BCN service also manages dynamic routing. For more information about creating a Broker Configuration Notice Service, see Service Broker Dynamic Routing.

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