Moving from DSO 8.0

Moving from DSO 8.0

For users coming from earlier versions of Analysis Services, AMO is the successor of Decision Support Objects (DSO). DSO 8.0 is a COM-type set of components that runs in an unmanaged environment, usually from a scripting environment (for example, DTS Script task) or a developed application written in VB 6 or VC++ 6 languages. By contrast, AMO objects run in a managed environment.

Applications developed in DSO 8.0 can continue to run in SQL Server Analysis Services by using DSO 9.0. However, DSO 9.0 is being deprecated.

DSO developers are encouraged to do all new development by using AMO. They are also encouraged to port their applications to a managed environment by using AMO, in any one of the available languages such as Microsoft Visual Basic .NET or Microsoft C#, or into a set of Integration Services tasks.

For more information about DSO, see Decision Support Objects Reference (DSO) and Using Decision Support Objects (DSO).

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