This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Designing New Reports

Visual Studio .NET 2003

You create reports in the Crystal Report Designer. The Crystal Report Designer automatically launches when you add a Crystal Reports object to your project, or when you double-click an existing Crystal Reports object in your project.

In This Section

Planning the Content of the Report
Provides an outline of the design considerations you need to make before creating a report.
Accessing and Adding Data
Explains how to connect to a data source, link database tables, and add data to a report.
Field and Text Objects
Explains how to place report objects onto your report to generate required data.
Filtering Data
Explains how to select and limit database records.
Grouping, Sorting, and Totaling Data
Explains how to organize the data in the report. Some options include adding groups, subtotals, running totals, and percentages to the report.
Performing Record Calculations
Explains how to customize the data in the report by creating and adding formula fields to the report.
Formatting Data
Explains how to add colors, borders, shading, and conditional formatting to the report.
Enhancing Report Presentation
Explains how to add charts and subreports that users can drill-down on to access more report details.

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