This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Crystal Report Designer Overview

Visual Studio .NET 2003

Use the Crystal Report Designer to define the report's source of data, to select and group the data records you want to use, and to format the report's objects and layout. You can create a report from scratch or you can use one of the Crystal Report Experts to help you through the design process.

The Crystal Report Designer uses a drag-and-drop approach similar to Visual Studio .NET — you drag a report object onto the Designer (such as a database field or text object) and use the Property window or shortcut menu to format the object.

In This Section

Accessing the Crystal Report Designer
Explains how to create a new report.
Layout of the Crystal Report Designer
Describes each part of the Crystal Report Designer.
Crystal Reports Experts
Describes the Report Experts you can use to help you through the design process.
Report Processing Model
Describes the order that Crystal Reports reads and processes data.