This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

DocEvents_Event Events 

  Name Description
Activate Occurs when a worksheet is activated.
BeforeDoubleClick Occurs when a worksheet is double-clicked, before the default double-click action.
BeforeRightClick Occurs when a worksheet is right-clicked, before the default right-click action.
Calculate Occurs after the worksheet is recalculated.
Change Occurs when cells on the worksheet are changed by the user or by an external link.
Deactivate Occurs when the worksheet is deactivated.
FollowHyperlink Occurs when you click any hyperlink on a worksheet. For application- and workbook-level events, see the SheetFollowHyperlink event.
PivotTableUpdate Occurs after a PivotTable report is updated on a worksheet.
SelectionChange Occurs when the selection changes on a worksheet.