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The following section describes each of the components of an XML 1.0 document.


Definition Description


Discusses what XML elements are and requirements for working with them in XML documents.


Outlines the order and contents of the initial prolog or XML document header in an XML document.

XML Declaration

Explains what the XML declaration is and its required placement if included in XML documents.

Processing Instructions

Discusses what processing instructions are in XML documents and their most frequent use, as a means of linking to an XML stylesheet in the prolog of an XML document.

DOCTYPE Declaration

Discusses what the DOCTYPE declaration is and how it is used to reference an external or internal Document Type Definition (DTD) for XML documents that include it.

XML Comments

Explains how comments can be made in XML markup as a means of annotating and as a mechanism for including unparsed content in the XML document.

Textual Content

Outlines the rules for use and inclusion of textual content (also known as character data) in XML documents.

Character and Entity References

Describes XML character entities for escaping special or reserved characters that are used to delineate markup and node boundaries within the XML document.

CDATA Sections

Describes the use of the XML-specific CDATA (character data) sections for fully escaping text contents (including formatting or white space contents) in XML documents.


Discusses what XML attributes are and requirements for working with them in XML elements.

White Space

Discusses the rules and options for how white space can be handled when parsing XML documents.

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