This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

XML Editor

The XML Editor is based on the Microsoft Visual Studio Text Editor and includes additional support for the XML languages. The XML Editor includes the following features:

  • XML 1.0 syntax checking.

  • Schema validation while you type.

  • XML snippets support, including schema-generated snippets.

  • Support for Document Type Definition (DTD).

  • Support for XML Schema definition language (XSD) schema.

  • Creating an XML Schema from an XML instance document.

  • Converting a DTD or XML-Data Reduced (XDR) schema into an XML Schema.

  • XSLT 1.0 syntax checking.

  • Document outlining, so that elements can be expanded and collapsed.

  • Integration with the XML Schema Explorer. This provides a hierarchal view of XML Schemas.

The XML Editor is invoked for well-known file extensions, such as .xml, .xsd, .xsl, and .config. It is also invoked on any unknown file extension if the file appears to contain XML. You can also open any file with the XML Editor by using the Open With option and selecting the XML Editor from the list.

Express Editions

The following XML Editor features are not available in the Visual Studio Express Editions:

  • Creating an XML schema from an XML instance document.

  • Viewing XSLT output from the XML Editor.

  • Smart validation while editing XSLT style sheets.

  • XML Schema Explorer.

In This Section

XML Document Validation

Describes the syntax checking and validation features.

XML Editor IntelliSense Features

Describes the editor IntelliSense functionality.

XML Snippets

Describes how to use the XML snippets feature.

Edit XSLT Style Sheets

Describes the XSLT editing experience.

How to: Edit XML Files

Describes how to start editing XML files.

How to: Execute an XSLT Transformation From the XML Editor

Describes how to execute an XSLT transformation.

How to: Create an XML Schema from an XML Document

Describes how to create an XML schema.

How to: Select the XML Schema(s) to Use

Describes how to select the XML schema to use for validation.

Schema Cache

Lists the schemas that are installed by the XML Editor.

Walkthrough: Using the XML Editor Features

Demonstrates how to use some of the XML Editor features.

XML Editor Components

Describes the XML Editor user interface components.

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