This instruction causes the specified coprocessor registers to transfer values to two ARM registers.

__int64 _ReadCoProcessor(
  int Arg1


[in] Coprocessor number, equivalent to cp_num.

Value held in coprocessor register.

The compiler translates this instruction into the MRRC assembly instruction for ARM DSP-enhanced processors, and into the MRA assembly instruction for ARM XScale processors. MRA is disassembled as the MRCC instruction.

The XScale and the DSP-enhanced ARM microprocessors each implement this instruction in a different way:

  • For the ARM XScale implementation, this instruction does the following:
    • Moves 64 bits of data to ARM registers from Coprocessor registers
    • Moves the 40-bit accumulator value (acc0) into two registers
    • Moves bits [31:0] of the value in acc0 into the register RdLo
    • Sign-extends bits [39:32] of the value in acc0 to 32 bits and moves them into the register RdHi
  • For the ARM DSP-enhanced implementation, this instruction causes the coprocessor to transfer values to the two general-purpose registers Rd and Rn.

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