This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

ARM Calling Sequence Specification 

Visual Studio 2005

The ARM Calling Sequence Specification for the ARM device compiler provides direction for the development of compilers and assembly language programs for the Arm family of microprocessors.

In This Section

ARM Registers

Shows the assigned register roles.

ARM Stack Frame Layout

Describes how ARM microprocessors specify the stack layout.

ARM Prolog and Epilog

Describes the prolog and epilog code segments required for Structured Exception Handling.

THUMB-enabled ARM Implementation

Describes how to implement ARM-Thumb interworking.

ARM Assembler

Describes ARM Assembler macros for prolog and epilog, directives, and command-line options.

Related Sections

ARM Compiler Options

Provides reference information about compiler options for ARM compilers.

Intrinsic Functions for ARM Microprocessors

Provides reference information about intrinsic functions supported only by ARM compilers

Differences Between Desktop and Device Compilers

Describes critical differences in implementation between desktop and device compilers.